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The rent for Grad 601/1 and operator is 750:- SEK per hour + travel expenses, travel time expenses, per diem, lodging, survey processing and vat.

The rent for Grad 601/2 and operator is 1´250:- SEK per hour + travel expenses, travel time expenses, per diem, lodging, survey processing and vat.

Example 1: Grad 601/1 on an area of 3 hectare in the summertime on open terrain about 24 hour + data processing 8 hour - 23´000 + expenses and vat.

Example 2: Grad 601/2 on an area of 14 hectare in the summertime on open terrain about 56 hour + data processing 8 hour - 76´000 + expenses and vat.

The smallest survey area for Grad 601/1 is 1 hectare. Smaller areas are charged as a full day and one day processing the collected data.
Bigger areas usually only take one day for data processing as long as the survey area does not exceed 10 hectare, in which case the processing increases by 1 day per 5 hectare.

The smallest examination area for Grad 601/2 is 8 hectare (contiguous) where one day of processing is added up to 20 hectare and then 1 extra day per 10 hectare.

Note: The above is valid when the examination area is free of obstacles such as high grass or any other influences that considerably complicate the survey. Partial grids take longer than complete grids. The survey will be stopped in the case severe or dangerous weather such as lightning as the equipment is metal and susceptible to damage in these conditions. Time lost in these circumstances is charged to the ordering client.

The interpretation of the results is made in consultation with the archaeologist if they want a statement from SAGA. Alternatively they handle the interpretation themselves. A review of the collected preliminary survey results is included in the proposal and takes place on the final processing day.
The final report includes the technical report, technical data, maps, survey results on transparency sheet where significant features are highlighted and finally a CD where the results are included in TIFF format so that they are easy to transfer to the property map. This can be done via Photoshop or other graphic software used by the client. The above is sent at the earliest 5 working days after completion of the survey with the caveat that it may take longer if SAGA needs to go to another examination directly after yours.
Note: All material delivered is copyright protected and all rights are reserved.

Referencing (GIS)
It is recommended that the client provide us with three reference points once the grid is in place. Otherwise we require that a point zero is positioned with a direction before the project is started.

During a normal working day about 10-12 grid squares are surveyed with Grad 601/1 but if the conditions are difficult (i.e. in a clear-cut area) it might only be 6 squares in total. Each grid square is 30x30 meters. During good conditions we have covered as much as 18 grids in an 8 hour working day. Partial grids take at least the same amount of time if not more than full grids. Area covered on the first day will not be as large as on the other days because of corrections to the grid placement and because a calibration place must be localized.
The area that is to be surveyed shall be adapted so that the survey can be executed in a rational manner.
An examination may be stopped in the case of extremely bad weather such as heavy rain that makes it impossible to walk on a clay soil or during the winter with icy uneven ground that makes it dangerous for the operator and equipment. During these circumstances SAGA will negotiate with the ordering client in order to minimize the costs for both parties.

The invoice terms are 30 days net. The invoice is sent out once the survey has been completed.
This could mean that you are invoiced before receiving the results of the survey when surveys are carried out for other customers in the same period.

Material such as grid sticks can be left behind for a nominal sum of 40:- SEK per piece + vat.

The duty to report according to Fornminneslagen lays with the archaeologist or else it lays with SAGA.

Disturbance moment/assisting archaeologist

The natural curiosity of the general public wanting to know what is going on can seriously hinder the work. Any people in the survey area will have metal on them which will interfere with the instrument making progress impossible. It is our recommendation that someone who works for the ordering client is present at location and who can answer the questions that might arise. In case of such delays any additional costs are charged to the ordering client. The client can also be available to assist with tape measure etc. This way the driver will be able to cover more grids. It's also good if the archaeologist is present during existing measurements so that he/she can prioritize the area to be measured compared to the maps he/she receives each morning.
It's also recommended that all metallic objects are removed from the area that is to be surveyed. Such metallic objects could be cars, containers or other modern metallic objects.

The map material produced should be examined by SAGA or the ordering clients themselves and not by any competing organization/company. SAGA reserves the right to use the map material created for promotional purposes but none of the material will be shared without the ordering client's consent.


We are also doing lectures about Magnetometer/gradiometer. Contact us for more info.


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