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SAGA - Finds the Hidden and Forgotten.


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SAGA - Skandinavisk Arkeologisk Geofysik Ab

We are a company working in the area of geophysics against archaeology. Our area of expertise is working with the Magnetometer, gradiometer.

Geophysics = the study of the physical characteristics and properties of the earth where the magnetometer, gradiometer reads if there have previously been any human activity that has changed the earth's ordinary composition. Let's say if an area of 1-100 hectare is explored to see if it contains archaeology and the archaeologist doesn't know where to begin, the magnetometer, gradiometer is the obvious tool to localize such archaeology. This kind of scientific archaeological method (magnetometer, gradiometer) is a perfect complement to traditional methods as it is safe and doesn't destroy any ancient remains. Please note that this geophysical method does not replace the archaeologists work, it complements it.

Member of ISAP (International Society for Archaeological Prospection)


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